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Ever hit a brick at 60mph?

Hard to blame AP for that. I doubt most people would be able to avoid that brick in the middle of the road, going at high speeds.

I do find auto pilot is a little slow to accelerate, when I’m driving at, say,, 55 mph and the car in front of me changes lanes, opening my lane up and AP is set to drive at 70 mph.

It does slowly pick up speed… maybe this is safer anyways.

My two gripes about auto pilot are, when a lane suddenly widens out, after an onramp, the AP moves my Model Y to the center of the lane, rather then simply remain towards the lefthand line, which is what I would do if I were in control. Any cars behind me probably think I’m being a jerk and trying to keep them from passing me while the lane is wide.

I also find that sometimes, a driver in the lane to my right signals they want to merge into my lane, there’s plenty of room for them to get in, but the Auto Pilot continues to accelerate and prevents them from merging into my lane.

Sorry about the damage to your car… at least it isn’t to the body, so you don’t need to get something painted, but I’m sure it’s still upsetting.

You may be able to get a wheel repair guy to come out and fix your wheel. I’ve had to do that twice, he came to my home and repaired it right in my driveway. You wouldn’t be able tell which of the two wheels were ever repaired!



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