Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Free roll in automotive wash mode

I agree that Car Wash mode is a pain. The process is:

1. Car icon​

2. Service​

3. Car Wash Mode​

4. acknowledge​

5. free roll​

And your foot has to be on the brake in order to do the last step. Kachunk kachunk kachunk as the rollers bang under the tires until the brake is pressed…

The worst bit is that when pressing the Exit Car Wash Mode button afterwards, it leaves the car in Neutral. So have to press the brake, set to Drive, then go. Always worried that car behind me will plow into me.

Sadly, this is one instance where an ICE car exceeds a Tesla. Drive to Neutral, car wash, Neutral to Drive. No fancy footwork required.

There should be one button on my MYLR to do all of these steps. ;)


MYLR | Red ext | White int | 19″ | 5 seats | tow | no FSD | made/delivered Oct 2021

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