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Assist me select. 2022 Mannequin S or Mannequin 3 Efficiency??

Hello all. Currently have a 2021 Model Y LR and plan to give that to my wife. I have a reservation for Model S LR for $100k with EDD of Dec-Feb. While I can afford it, I never purchased a vehicle in that price range and with interest rates slowly climbing, I’m rethinking my decision and considering MP3.
Here are some factors. I work from home and drive about 11k miles a year. While I love MY LR, I never owned a sports car. Test drove both.
Pros to the S were ride quality, better looking, slightly faster acceleration, dual screens and more luxury feel. Cons: more expensive, larger vehicle, higher insurance costs.
Pros to the MP3 were slightly smoother than my MYLR, quick as hell, easier to park n maneuver, lower insurance costs, less expensive.
Cons: relatively same looks as the Y, lots of Model 3’s on the roads where I live.

I know this is an apples to oranges comparison. But given my situation, any objective input would be greatly appreciated, so I dont drive my wife crazy going back n forth-:)
Should I cancel the S and get the MP3 now? Or just say YOLO, stay patient and get the S?




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