Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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My tesla is caught (utterly shut down by malfunction) in my constructing’s indoor parking …any solutions on towing it out?

Thanks for the suggestion but
I don’t think jump start would be any help since it’s not a power issue but a major dysfunction in the car… ? the car was almost fully charged when stopped working, and even when the lights and doors would still open 2 days ago none of the command or screen were fonctionning… since yesterday even the door handle won’t open so i cant access the inside of the car.

Some tow trucks have the dollies. They all have a way to jump your 12volt. Look for Tesla nosecone jumpstart on YouTube.

thinking about it, I’ll still tryto jump start it anyway, you never know … i looked up how to remove the nose cone and seems pretty easy, thanks for the tip



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