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Refreshed 2021/2022 Mannequin X Doorways

Also, to close the front doors when it doesn’t close automatically makes me nervous pushing against the motor.

I always hated that on Raven X.

I turned auto open / close off. Never liked using the brake to close because they slammed very hard if wide open. And if 25% open you could not close them with motor. They needed momentum to close. And if I wanted to manually open or manually close you end up pushing / pulling against the motor. But if you waited the motor would release the door. Felt like a puppy teasing you that it doesn’t want to let go of the Frisbee.

Regarding your comment. (Attempting) Pushing against motor never hurt them. You learn to wait and it releases the motor in either direction.

Except for the soft closing feature and rare occasion I could open passenger door as they approached, I hated the motorized doors.

I had similar complaints with FWD doors too. Frequent phantom low ceilings when opening against clear blue sky, forcing open always worked. Occasionally phantom obstacles closing, retry always worked. And got forbid opening/closing on a hill. Constant chore.

As the old engineering rule goes. The last 15% of engineering takes 85% of the work. All the powered doors seem 85% complete. And Refresh didn’t add an ounce of refinement to them. Rear Hatch worked good though. Occasionally saw phantom low ceiling too though.

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