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what may cause 800-900Wh/mi lead to consumption graph?

Somebody was movin lol. What was it in for?

The car was in for a metal clanking sound from the driver side front wheel well, and driver’s door window binding issue.
The metal clanking noise was reproduced with a tech on the street right in front of service center where there is plenty of broken pavement.

The key items that bothers me:
– 37 miles driven while in service center
– crazy consumption Wh/mi recorded during that time
– followup with service center manager who told me the vehicle was driven 52 times, with a top speed of 82MPH.

A followup meeting with service center manager 4 days after picking up my car, who tells me:
– they are within their rights to ‘test drive’ customer vehicles, so adding 37 miles on the odo is within ‘their right’
(was i necessary?)
– crazy consumption is from driving very short distanced repeatedly, even within the service center floor.
(Really? Kind of sounds like BS)
– And then the top speed attained during service ‘test drive’ of 82MPH.
(I doubt this was at all necessary. Even if it was necessary to drive on the freeway (it wasn’t), 82MPH, beyond the speed limit of freeways near us, would likely not be something service departments are allowed to do. The manager would not offer GPS location data of the vehicle while in service)




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