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Will Tesla ever provide Lease buyout?

Yeah the MF is high. The MF i was given was equivalent to about 5%. A lot of folks would want to lease both for the reasons you stated and for tax purposes if they use the vehicle for business.

I see leasing as a big part if getting folks to adopt new technology while at the same time having the option to return it if it doesn’t work out. I feel like Tesla really should give customers the option to buy the vehcile at the end of the lease…especially when they are making such a large profit in them.

I read a Forbes article that said the profit margin on the leases was something like 48% vs 24% on a traditional purchase. If that is true Tesla is already making a larger profit.

Leasing has become a significant part of the automotive landscape. 1 in 4 new vehicle acquisition is a lease in the US. I think Tesla really should give customers the option to buy the vehicle out. If Tesla keeps on with this policy eventually the folks who like to lease may go to another brand who can meet their needs.

Situations change and not giving customers options that are offered by other brands is not a good way to do business if you ask me.

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