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Ampol AmpCharge community | Tesla Motors Membership

Ampol AmpCharge community | Tesla Motors Membership


More details… the grant funding specified conditions:

  • It must be capable of charging two cars at 50 kW simultaneously
  • It must have both Chademo and CCS2 connectors

Obviously there are multiple ways of meeting this requirement.

  • Evie is install two Tritium RTM75 (@ 50 kW) per site each with Chademo and CCS2
  • Ampol is installing one Hypercharger HYC150 (@ 150 kW) per site which can share capacity between a Chademo and CCS2 connector

Each has pros and cons. The Evie sites can charge two Chademo cars, two CCS2 cars, or one of each at once but at a max of 50 kW. The Ampol sites can charge two simultaneously but only if they use different connectors – but can do so up to 150 kW (in practice the CCS2 side will almost always have 100 kW available).

EHT and Chargefox are using Kempower hardware, exact specs unknown but the load sharing is a big feature of Kempower equipment so probably something different again. We haven’t heard anything about what Engie will be using.



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