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Are you able to drive a Tesla with out community protection for an prolonged interval?

I had an interesting experience where my wife went camping with my 2021 M3 in the Lake District this weekend and was outside of network coverage.

She drove into a mobile network black spot with 65% charge with Sentry Mode on and the car didn’t reappear for four days when she drove out of the mountains.. The whole time the car (and my wife’s phone) was ‘off the grid’ and was not accessible via the app.

I was not able to connect to the car to turn off sentry mode the whole time. The car emerged with 32% charge. If it was not for the memory stick glitch which seems to disable sentry mode, the battery would probably have drained to 20% where this happens automatically. This would have made things difficult with the local charging infrastructure.

It got me thinking, can you own and drive a Tesla completely without any network coverage for an extended period. Perhaps just connecting once a year to do a software update? Will it still drive? Any other issues?




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