Home Elon Musk Lastly obtained the NJ PSE&G EV BTM $1500.00 rebate

Lastly obtained the NJ PSE&G EV BTM $1500.00 rebate

Lastly obtained the NJ PSE&G EV BTM $1500.00 rebate


I just ordered the Chargepoint Home Flexes. I am assuming you can do all the work first and then fill out the PSEG application correct?

I don’t think so if you are doing the work yourself and not using a NJ licensed electrician?

Closely follow the PSE&G rebate instructions

Residential smart charging customers are eligible for:

  • Up to $1,500 toward the behind the meter installation of a residential Level 2 charger
  • Up to $5,000 of pole to meter utility service upgrades (if needed)
  • Credit on charging during off-peak periods* to help lower your bill, pending charger approval
  • *Off-peak periods are defined as 9PM-7AM Monday-Friday, and all day Saturday-Sunday

How To Apply & Enroll​

Step 1: Customer reviews Eligibility Requirements and submits an application through the EV Portal
Step 2: Customer will receive an email stating if they qualify for the program they applied for
Step 3: If qualified, the customer will receive the service upgrade form(s). This will need to be completed by your electrician and emailed to [email protected]. This step starts the New Business Process
Step 4: After the EV Charger is installed and the New Business Process is completed, customer will upload all required documents to the EV Portal. Please see the FAQ below for the full list of required documents
Step 5: The PSEG EV Team will review and approve your documents. If a customer is missing information, the EV team will contact the customer and inform them of missing documentation. All documentation must be reviewed by the EV team before moving on to the next steps
Step 6: Once all required documents are received and approved, the EV Team will issue you your BTM incentive as a credit on your bill.
Step 7: Once enrolled in the EV Program, Residential customers utilizing a charger from the PSE&G Approved Charger List (see eligibility requirements above) will be eligible to receive a credit for Charging during off-peak hours (9pm-7am). Once PSEG EV Team begins receiving Charging Data through the Charger, an off-peak credit will be issued on the following monthly bill.

Contact Us​

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We can be reached by email at [email protected], or by phone at 1-800-249-1837.



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