Home Elon Musk Has anybody traded their 3 for a Y and regretted it?

Has anybody traded their 3 for a Y and regretted it?

Has anybody traded their 3 for a Y and regretted it?


I traded my 2020 Fremont M3 for a MY and there’s much I prefer in the MY. The M3 was much more chuckable through bends but for 90% (totally unscientific estimate) of things the MY wins. If I regret anything it was selling my MS for the M3 but at the time the MCU upgrade was over 2k with no radio option, but thats another story..

Key differences for me:
– A lot of design learnings have gone into the MY over the M3, boot hinges which sounds daft but the M3 boot hinge does look like it’s made from meccano, ability to fold the rear seats using a swtich, rear seats that recline slightly
– Also, mud flaps and wheel arch protectors etc all seem more solid. My rear wheel arch lining started to come away on my M3 after 20k miles, I don’t get the feeling that will happen with the MY, and the mud flaps aren’t an after thought.
– Over my 2020 Fremont M3, and I’m sure are also true if the alternative is changing to a new M3, the build is noticeably better. Range also seems slightly better on the MY due to the slightly bigger battery and not much of a drop in efficiency. My M3LR used to charge to about 290 at 100%, the MYLR charges to over 310, and while these are the EPA ratings, in practice it translates to slightly better real world range unless you’re booting it on the motorway where the MY efficiency seems to go get a little worse relatively.
– Other differences are also linked to the general evolution such as the doors and centre console changing.
– I do find the ride a bit worse on the MY, it feels stiffer, and it’s kind of nuts as the MY feels like a car that should be softer on the suspension not stiffer. This has been discussed elsewhere.

From what I’m reading about falling trade in values and increases in MY prices I imagine the cost to change has gone up a fair bit compared to what I paid. It cost me about £10k to change going to a car 2 years younger, were the differences worth 10k? Difficult to justify at 10k, and if the gap was more, I wouldn’t have done it.




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