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Here’s what actually annoys me about further value paint “choices”.

Here’s what actually annoys me about further value paint “choices”.


This goes back to when plain white paint was suddenly “no longer available” on the Model S. Who decided it “was not available”? Why was it “not available”? Did the world run out of white coloring? Unless you wanted basic black, any other color would cost big bucks. Different colors were listed as $17 or $25 per month, which works out to $1020 or $1500 over a 5 year car loan.

I cannot imagine why anyone wants black. People say it looks good. You know what does NOT look good? The fact that the slightest bit of dust or dirt, or even the most minor dent, ding, or scratch is very obvious. Or if the clear coat starts to peel. It couldn’t stand out more if you had strobe lights and arrows on the car pointing to it! And black cars soak up more heat from the sun. I had a black car once, years ago, and never again. Black cars go from looking “perfect” to “piece of crap” VERY quickly.

Anyway, back to paint costs. I don’t know how much paint it takes to paint a new car, where it has to get all over up in the car. Let’s say 3 gallons. Okay. 3 gallons of basic black costs “X” dollars.

Now someone comes along and orders a silver car, which will cost $1020 more. Or blue, or green, or whatever color aside from the Pearl White and Red.

Now hold on a minute here. $1020 extra to put silver paint on the car. Do not forget that we ARE NOT putting 3 gallons of basic black on the car. So the cost of the black paint isn’t there.

Tesla is telling us that 3 gallons of silver paint is so expensive, that even after the cost of the black paint is removed, it still takes ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS MORE to paint the car with 3 gallons of silver?

I want to see paint costs. Surely we have some paint and body people here who can explain why one color of paint could cost more than another. Okay, but $1000 MORE?!?!?!?! Do not forget that Tesla is probably getting a huge discount on the cost because they buy in huge volumes.

I understand that the Pearl White and Red may be multi coat colors and require different application, and that extra cost is fine, up to a point.

I also get it that Tesla is counting on people buying options to get the average price up to $42,000 for profit purposes, and that is ok to a certain degree. But $1000 for a different paint color, and they are still saving the cost of the original black paint, is ridiculous.

And when a car is deliberately built with undesirable colors and other features specifically for the purpose of grabbing more money from people who want different, but still basic things, like paint color, there is something unethical about that.



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