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Is it okay to cost to 100% if I’m instantly going to make use of it instantly?

Actually, Tesla makes no such official recommendation at all. The closest you will find to anything official from tesla on this is a tweet from elon a few years ago saying something like “93% is ok”.

What you will find, is in long range / performance model 3s and Ys, a “daily” and “trip” segment, which means that for daily use, dont charge above this, and for trip usage, feel free to charge up to here.

So, yes, you can charge to 100% whenever you are going on a trip. With all that being said, you would not want to charge to 100% daily, which is what it appears you are asking to do, unless you were going to spend 10% of your charge getting back home.

if you actually do drive 10% of your charge out just to go charge (which is going to be something like 20 -30 miles, depending on temperature, weather, etc), you likely bought an EV too soon, unless you are planning to remedy that situation shortly.

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