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Mannequin Y adjustments over time

Mannequin Y adjustments over time


Red = Removed Feature
Green = Added Feature
(only applies to objectively better/worse features)

2020 (VIN 000xxx)


  • 980 Performance motors no longer in MYLRs (990 motor used instead)

August 2020

  • Taillights changed from red to amber turn signals

Late 2020

  • Heated steering wheel added
  • Auto-dimming side mirrors added
  • Battery upgraded to from 78kWh to 82kWh (performance only?)
  • Removal of ‘stealth’ Performance config (19″ gemini, no spoiler/red calipers/lowered suspension/pedals)
  • Factory-add trailer hitch available
  • MYSR offered
  • USB-A in glove box (sentry mode), all external ports are now USB-C
  • Pedestrian warning speaker added
  • MYP headlights changed to matrix headlights
  • Center console changed to matte-finish
  • Double paned front driver/passenger glass
  • Updated graphics on door-open buttons (used to be a dash, now more of a door symbol)
  • Updated spin-wheel controls on steering wheel (metal instead of plastic)

February 2021

March 2021

  • Upgraded windshield wipers with extra nozzles

May 2021 (VIN F190xxx?)

  • Radar Removed
  • Passenger Lumbar Removed
  • MYSR no longer offered

June 2021

  • HEPA Filter (Bioweapons mode) added

November 2021

  • Center Console USB-C ports no longer support data (power only)

December 2021

  • MYP’s come with All Season tires (instead of summer)

January 2022 (VINs 354xxx?)

  • Ryzen Processors replace Intel (VINs starting around ~F8XX)
  • Heated lower windshield (for windshield wipers)
  • Li-ion 12V batteries replace legacy (AGM? Lead Acid?)
  • Removal of one speaker in premium audio package (13 now, previously 14)

Late 2021

  • Door cards include trim (matching the interior style)
  • Ryzen processors
  • Double paned front and rear door glass

January 2022

  • Range increased (WLTP up from 507km to 533km, Gemini config from 547km to 565km)


Help with ???’s and anything else I’m missing
When was the SR/SR+ era? VINs?
Anyone know when Austin is online?

Will keep refining….



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