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Pickup proprietor’s door hit my Mannequin 3, Sentry caught on digicam. What now?

Was out eating dinner with my son, and parked far away from everyone else against a curb. Sure enough, a Silverado parks right next to me. We finished eating and ran to the car because a storm was brewing. Didn’t notice the scratches and rear door ding until I got home. Was doing some stuff in the garage tonight when I noticed the damage.

Basically, there’s a small chip in the rear driver’s door and some light scratch marks that I was able to mostly rub off (I’ll have to see the full extent of the damage when it’s light outside). From what I can tell though, there are no dents in the aluminum, just scraped and chipped paint. Kinda bummed as the car has been immaculate since I bought it.

Anyway, I went back and found the Sentry footage, and the guy was farting around with his driver’s door open. The strong wind (which I mentioned above) caught the door and slammed it into my car. He goes over, observes the damage, then hops back in his truck and drives off. Luckily, the camera clearly caught his license plate in full view.

With that evidence, is it even worth going through insurance for some door dings and a door that will need to be repainted? I don’t even know how to go about things as I’ve never had actual video evidence before when this happened in years past with previous cars. I have Geico, BTW.



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