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SHOULD TESLA BE WORRIED? (2022 Mercedes-Benz EQB Begins at $10k Much less Than a Tesla Mannequin Y)

When was the last time you extensively drove a CCS car? (DCFC is all fast charging formats, Tesla Supercharger, CCS, CHAdeMO)

2018 – Was not possible to go interstate on all routes, all CCS /CHAdeMO is under 100kW.
2019 – First >100kW CCS is deployed, it becomes possible to travel coast to coast by CCS.
2020 – Number of CCS sites achieves parity with Supercharger sites. First Electrify America sites start popping up with 350 kW capability.
2021 – Most interstate routes have CCS support. # of CCS and CHAdeMO sites surpass SC sites.
2022 – There are 5,569 CCS sites, 5,419 CHAdeMO sites, and 1,525 Tesla sites. This is why Tesla needs to produce a CCS<>SC adapter set.



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