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Unexpectedly quick (3 weeks) supply for Mannequin S – one thing fishy?

I have ordered Model S LR with basic configuration (white, black interior, 19-in wheels) on March 14th. At that time, the estimate for delivery was November. However, last week, I got a VIN assigned and delivery estimate was changed to July. Three days ago, I got one more change in delivery date and it is now April 6th – total around 3 weeks from the date of order. Based on many delivery stories that I have read in the last few days, it is not very standard and I am getting a bit worried. I called Tesla and asked why the delivery is so early but I did not get any straight answer. When I asked whether this car was supposed to be picked up by someone else and was “refused” by the new owner but the Tesla representative assured me that it is was not a “refused car”.

In addition to the above, my delivery method was changed (by Tesla) from pickup at Fremont to home delivery. I called Tesla about this and was told that “the driver became available and Tesla changed the delivery”. I asked Tesla to change it back to pickup at Fremont.

Do you think, there is a reason to be worried?

Is there any way to verify the history of this car (whether it was “refused” by someone else)? Does Tesla have to disclose this?

I really appreciate any help with this. This will be my first Tesla and I really hope that it will not be a lemon.




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