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Model New CHAdeMO Adapters Are nonetheless Accessible from Tesla–How?

Model New CHAdeMO Adapters Are nonetheless Accessible from Tesla–How?


As you may know, Tesla cars sold in (South) Korea use the same charging-port as in Japan and North America. A number of us on TMC have started ordering the Tesla-Korea DC-power CCS1 charging adapter using various Korean shopping services, for example Harumio. I just learned from Harumio staff by TMC message that they plan to also list other Tesla-Korea adapters and chargers. That includes the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter, which as far as I know will fully work for North American Tesla cars. (The only thing that limits universal use of a Tesla CHAdeMO adapter for any eligible model-year anywhere in the world is apparently the plug it comes fitted with–either Type 2 for Europe , Oceania, and Taiwan (and other locations) or TPC (Tesla proprietary) for North America, Japan, and Korea. See photos and further information here.)

So be aware that if for some reason you still need or want a CHAdeMO adapter, there remains a source for new ones directly from Tesla (in Korea).

The CHAdeMO adapter from Tesla-Korea is ₩445,000 (=$351.45[US]); even with added shipping and handling less expensive than inflated eBay prices. And you’d be getting it brand new, from Tesla (in Korea). Or perhaps after further consideration you’d prefer the more powerful CCS1 adapter?

Regardless, if any of this interests you, and you have more questions, check with Harumio on TMC or via their website. (Their website now displays the CHAdeMO adapter in addition to the CCS1 adapter that started the whole thing of using Harumio.) There are a growing number of posts on TMC about the Tesla-Korea adapter shopping experience (use the “Search” function here at TMC). I have not heard of any problems so far.

PS — I am not associated with or benefiting in any way from Harumio. I have ordered a Tesla CCS1 adapter from them, and so far am finding the process professional and convenient.



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