Home Elon Musk Acquired VIN and Mannequin Y supply value elevated by $4000

Acquired VIN and Mannequin Y supply value elevated by $4000

Acquired VIN and Mannequin Y supply value elevated by $4000


I ordered Model Y in Red/White in July 2021 and put down $100 deposit. Was told originally supposed to be delivered in 6-8 weeks. Never happened and in Oct 25 2021 I called and asked if they could change color to White/Black to save me $3000. I specifically told them “Save me $3000 by changing color to stock white/black from red/white”. I got email later on Oct 27, 2021 showing price was $1000 MORE (not $3000 less) and it was White/Black.

I immediately emailed them the same day (have email proof) and told them this is an error and also called them. I was told at first they would take care of it and rep should have told me price increase.

Again my whole goal of changing color was to save money.

I’ve been complaining by phone and each time reps say it will go to a manager to fix it don’t worry. Well 2 months later I get a response saying they can’t do anything to revert price/color but can give me $250 back (remember I only paid $100) or get $500 merchandise credit.

$500 is a lot less than $4000!

Went to the Tesla store and guy told me to go talk to the other manager which I’m going to go tomorrow but said it happens all the time. Apparently he said rep didn’t know about price increase, sent an email and then price went up during the processing time and they stuck me with new price without disclosing it and they still said tough luck.

Anyone else out there get a better deal than $500?



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