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Wage sacrifice Recommendation Appreciated | Tesla Motors Membership

Wage sacrifice Recommendation Appreciated | Tesla Motors Membership


When we started to offer to our employees I did some test quotes and my recollection is that it was something like £700 per month, and salary sacrifice (for higher rate tax payer) reduced that to £500 a month. So perhaps a saving of £200 a month.

But … the only “deal” was “everything included”. So no deposit, all service etc. included including recover and insurance. Some of which you might already have / don’t want / and the insurance might work out more expensive that you could get shopping-around.

If your employer gives YOU the Employer’s NI saving then it would be more saving (but dunno how they can give you that – without it becoming taxable income. But I’ve read suggestions that employers could do that … might not be true.

I suspect that “depends”, but I think in principle you can transfer your RN number from one leasing company to another.

Your “pay” is reduce by salary sacrifice, and as such any “Employers pension contribution”, if it is a percentage of Pay, would reduce – same for your contribution if a percentage of pay. I doubt there is anything to stop you making the original contribution you would have done, but might be your employer won’t match that bit.

You are going to save the Employees part of NI for sure. Its the Employer’s part that you might not (and I’m not even sure that they can give you that bit (tax free) … but I’m no accountant)

have you got an example? (“same car in your own company” do you mean “company car”? ‘coz we don’t offer those to anyone … employees get a car allowance instead. So for Salary Sacrifice they would get whatever tax benefit that is, and also the car allowance. But I may have misunderstood your point?



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