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Tesla Mannequin 3 supply estimates in Australia lower

Tesla Mannequin 3 supply estimates in Australia lower


Australia’s Tesla Model 3 delivery estimates decreased by about a month recently. 

Currently, the estimated delivery date for all Model 3 variants in Australia is between February 2023 to May 2023, about 8 to 11 months away. On June 9, Tesla’s delivery estimates for the Model 3 were between 9 to 12 months in Australia. 

Tesla recently increased the prices of vehicles across its lineup, including the Model 3. The Driven calculated that the base Tesla Model 3 RWD (previously the SR+) variant’s price increased 9.35% in Australia since the beginning of 2022.

Tesla increased the prices of all the vehicles in its lineup last Friday, bringing the Australian Model 3 RWD’s price to AU$65,500 ($45,563.76). The Model 3 RWD’s previous starting price was AUD$63,900 ($44,450.76). 

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Tesla started taking orders for the Model Y RWD and Model Y Dual Motor AWD Performance in Australia as well. Before the price hike, the Tesla Model Y RWD started at AU$68,900 ($48,895.24), and now its costs AU$72,300 ($50,294.05). Meanwhile, the Tesla Model Y Performance started at AU$93,900 ($66,636.62), and now its costs AU$96,700 ($67,267.42). 

Tesla announced that it would start delivering Model Y and Model 3 vehicles with Tesla vision to Australia a few weeks ago. It stated that cars manufactured from June 2022 onwards and bound for Australia would be equipped with its camera-based system for Autopilot and FSD suite. 

Last week, Tesla released Enhanced Autopilot in Australia for AUD$5,100 ($3,579). The suite includes Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Auto Park, Summon, and Smart Summon. Elon Musk estimated that FSD Beta for Right Hand Drive cars, like those in Australia, would be released this Summer. Tesla Vision and Enhanced Autopilot seem to be steps toward the release of FSD Beta in Australia

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Tesla Model 3 delivery estimates in Australia decrease



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