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Vendor – Titan7 – Absolutely Cast Road & Monitor-Prepared Wheels – Official Thread

Vendor – Titan7 – Absolutely Cast Road & Monitor-Prepared Wheels – Official Thread


EAS is proud to be an authorized retailer and distributor of Titan7 wheels.

The Titan7 wheel line fills the void for those looking for a moderately priced fully forged wheel for aggressive track duty or the occasional weekend warrior. Titan7 Wheels are 10,000-Ton Forged for optimum strength, and retaining minimal weight. Common on the BMW M3 & M4 models we service and tune both for the street and the track, the 10K forgings also makes the Titan7 wheel choice among Tesla models due to their strong and almost-indestructible nature.

Who is Titan7?
Titan7 is a wheel company with over 40 years of combined experience in the automotive aftermarket industry, performance guys with varied experience in professional racing supply, OEM factory supply, and aftermarket supply as well. After working with some of the industry’s top wheel brands, Titan7 felt that it was time to make their mark and improve on all areas of the current wheel supply.


Putting in all of their effort rethinking every part of a wheel brand. From the engineering, design, manufacturing, value, packaging, and even how the wheels are sold – knowing they we can do better for the industry. Titan7 done our best to offer a brand that anyone can buy and also be proud of. FORGED FOR ALL.

With decades of performance wheel experience, Titan7 sought to masterfully craft what is needed in today’s performance wheel category. With that, Titan7 instills in all of their products the 7 Virtues of a Performance Wheel:

• 100% Manufactured In-House
• Lightweight without Structural Compromise
• Rigidity and Strength tested for Competition
• Constantly Evolving and Advancing Technologies
• Unapologetically Competitive
• Industry Respected and Respect for the Industry
• Customer Driven Development

Forging Process
Titan 7 wheels are Fully Forged with an industry leading 10,000 Tons of pressure. That means Titan7 wheels are strong, light, durable all in one. That’s not all, we employ state of the art technologies to give you features that make sure you stay on top of your performance game. The key to Titan7 Forged Wheels is that they make all of their wheels 100% in-house. Everything from design, tooling, forging, machining, heat treatment, surface finishing, and testing is all done in house with no outsourcing. Very few Forged wheel companies can make this claim. This means you get complete quality and performance control.

All Titan7 Wheels are Fully Forged. The wheel starts out as an aircraft grade solid cylinder of 6061 Aluminum. They then pressurize the cylinder with an industry leading 10,000 tons of pressure to give the wheel its basic shape while improving the grain structure and overall properties of the high grade aluminum. Absolutely no porosity and a densely organized microstructure to allow for amazing designs, weight, and strength. Utilizing an industry leading 10,000 TONS of pressure to form their wheels, resulting in a perfect blend of strength, lightness, durability in the same product. That is why they are obsessive with lightness while offering a lifetime structural warranty.

Titan7 employs state of the art in-house product planning to give our customers the best product possible at the right price and also in a timely fashion. At the center of this is Finite Element Analysis (FEA) which helps Titan7to validate a wheel design. They can design a wheel structure, and then test in software how our design reacts to real world forces before we test the wheels physically in the lab or on the track.

Key Features

Gear Cut Knurled Beat Seat – Optimal tire-to-wheel contact which improves traction

Rigid Spoke Tracer – The ribbing on the spoke adds improved wheel stiffness without increasing much weight.

Machined Branding – Machined logos ensure authenticity

Weight Optimization – All areas of the wheels have additional machining to remove weight without sacrificing durability.

– Industry-Leading 10,000-Ton Forged for optimum strength on the track and street
– FeatherWeight at ~18-19lbs for most 18″ wheels
– Knurled BeadSeats to prevent tire slippage
– TPMS Friendly for street driven vehicles
– Lifetime Structural Warranty

Available Finishes
– Satin Titanium
– Machine Black
– Techna Bronze (some fitments)
– Custom finishes available at additional cost
– More to be announced….

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y fitments currently available. Questions & Feedback are welcomed in this thread.



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