Home Bank Loan On the spot Private Mortgage Approvals Simply Bought Simpler With Clix Capital

On the spot Private Mortgage Approvals Simply Bought Simpler With Clix Capital

On the spot Private Mortgage Approvals Simply Bought Simpler With Clix Capital


Personal Loans are a great option for many things like home renovation, travel, weddings, education and medical expenses.They are easily accessible, have simple eligibility criteria and come through with quick disbursals.

You can always use your savings for meeting extra expenditure, but what if you want to keep them? In such situations, instant Personal Loans can come good.

What Is An Instant Personal Loan?

A Personal Loan is a loan that you can use without restraint, there’s a term for it – “no end-use restrictions”. These are unsecured loans that do not require any collateral if you apply for one with Clix Capital. The end use of the loan is not specified, unlike a home loan or an education loan which you have to use for a specific purpose. This makes these loans useful for different scenarios.

An instant loan does not require the submission of many documents either, and the process is simplified to ensure quick disbursal. Instant Personal Loan approvals make them an ideal solution for when you need quick funds.

How Can You Use An Instant Personal Loan?

Personal Loans offer you the flexibility of use, so you can utilise them the way you want. However, here are some ways you can use them.

For Travel

Travelling offers you not only an opportunity to explore places but it is also a chance to get in touch with your inner self.
If you’ve been postponing your travel due to a lack of funds, a Personal Loan can help you take that trip. Or, you could use it to fulfil the plans you’ve been making with your friends and loved ones.

For A Wedding

Weddings are joyous occasions in India that involve family and friends. Whether you want to book a venue or wear designer clothes or buy jewellery of your choice, a Personal Loan for wedding can help support your dream wedding.

For Home Renovation

You can also use a Personal Loan to renovate or expand your house. Make sure to use our Free Personal Loan EMI calculator to estimate your EMIs, so you borrow an amount you can manage and repay well in time.

For A Medical Emergency

Medical costs are rising exponentially. When you or a family member requires medical treatment, you would want to maintain the quality of treatment. When you need funds for a medical emergency, instant Personal Loan approvals can be a lifesaver.

For Higher Education

You can use a Personal Loan to fund your education or for someone in your family.
Personal Loans for Education are ideal for employed people looking to pursue executive education along with their jobs to boost their careers. Let nothing stop you from getting your desired education, as knowledge paves the way for a better future.

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Eligibility Criteria For a Personal Loan

Personal Loans at Clix Capital can be available through an end-to-end digital process. You can apply for your loan, get verified, and get your money all online, up to 10 lakhs for 12 to 48 months. The eligibility is based on various factors like your income, credit score, and some other considerations. We have listed the criteria below.

• The Experian credit score should be above 630.

• The minimum and maximum age limits for the applicants are 21 and 58.

• The minimum monthly income required for a salaried employee is Rs 20,000.

• The applicant should be employed for a minimum of one year, with 6 months in the current company.


What Are The Benefits Of A Loan From Clix Capital?

Clix Capital should be your first choice when you need quick access to funds due to the following advantages.
• Personal Loans from Clix Capital do not require any collateral or a guarantor.

• If you meet the eligibility criteria and have all the required documents, you can get quick Personal Loan approvals to help you meet your financial requirements. Loan approval and disbursement are completely online and take less time.

• Documents required for a Personal Loan are generally minimal. You need to submit identity proof, address proof, and income proof. When the KYC is updated with your PAN or Aadhaar card, you do not have to submit your documents for verification, as this can be done online.

• The application process for a loan application from Clix Capital is user-friendly, and you can apply for a loan with a few clicks.

• Clix Capital offers you flexible repayment options to suit your requirements. Use the Free Personal Loan EMI calculator to estimate different loan options based on monthly installments and loan amount. The calculator can help you plan repayment better, as you can alter the loan and EMI amount based on your financial obligations.

• You can use the loan per requirement; we have discussed a few examples of usage above.

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Keep These Things In Mind When Applying For A Personal Loan

• Before you apply for a Personal Loan, ensure that you have a good score. Check your credit report to assess your credit health. Your Experian credit score should be more than 630 for the loan application to be accepted.

• Compare various loan options to get the best deal that suits your requirements.

• Borrow an amount you can service; use our Free Personal Loan EMI calculator to prepare a repayment plan per the EMIs and loan amount.

Personal Loans can help you fund your education, wedding, travel, or medical expenses. Clix Capital offers quick Personal Loan approvals with easy to meet eligibility criteria. The loan process is completely online, with minimal documentation requirements and flexible repayment plans.

The application process for a Personal Loan from Clix Capital is uncomplicated, and you can get quick Personal Loan approvals. Follow the points discussed in this blog, and you can be assured of a safe and satisfying loan experience!



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