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Video KYC – Full Information

Digital India is no more a saying. It’s a real thing now. People use the internet to order their necessities, pay off their bills, plan vacations, and whatnot. Almost every industry is taking a step closer to digitization every while. So, why not the customer service? Although it has an e-KYC process, the innovation and improved technology have resulted in a Video KYC solution for the customers. Look at why it is an efficient option for customers and service providers.

What is Video KYC?

Video KYC solution is an online process to complete your KYC. Customers and the officials connect through a video call where the customer needs to pass the verification process by following all the guidelines. The Video KYC process ensures stronger security, fewer time requirements, low expenses, and many more advantages. To know more about Video KYC, keep reading.

What are the guidelines for Video KYC?

Check out the requirements decided by the regulatory authorities for Video KYC.

  • Customers must allow the companies to take their videos and pictures during the process
  • Companies have to use the latest AI and face recognition technology
  • The process should include random questions to examine the liveness of the customer
  • Customers should join the call from a quiet place
  • The office of the authorized person must be suitable for performing the process
  • The official should thoroughly check if the face matches the identity proof provided.
  • Geo-tagging must be used to make sure that the customer is in India
  • The official should cross-check the details entered in the form with the identity proofs
  • The video recording must be stored carefully with the exact time and date.

What steps are to be followed for Video KYC?

Check out the mandatory steps for the Video KYC process

Video KYC step by step


Visit the official website of the bank.


Complete the registration process by providing your details.


Schedule a video call.


Click on the link provided by the bank.


Let the bank access your camera, microphone, location to proceed with the video call.


Join the video call with the bank official.


Let the bank official examine your liveliness.


For the verification process, you need to show an original identity document.


The bank official will match your face with the ID provided.


The bank official approves or rejects the KYC application based on this verification


The auditor processes the application.


You will be notified if the Video KYC is successful or not. 

What advantages does Video KYC offer?

Here are some advantages offered by the Video KYC solution.

  • Paperless process: Video KYC is an online KYC approach. It doesn’t need customers to submit photocopies of their identity proofs. Thus, the employees are saved from handling all those bundles of papers
  • Convenient process: Customers can schedule the video call conveniently and join the meeting from a comfortable place
  •  Less time requirement: Video KYC verification is a matter of mere 3 minutes. On the other hand, regular KYC procedures require a few hours or days
  • Cost-efficient: Regular KYC process cost the companies at least Rs 75 for each KYC application. But for the Video KYC solution, the cost has become significantly lower
  • Fewer cases of drop-offs: As the customers have to go through a lot during the usual KYC process, they often drop off and do not provide their KYC. However, the picture now has changed after the introduction of Video KYC
  • Customer experience: Customers can learn about remote onboarding during this process

Why opt for a hectic and tiring way of getting your KYC done when you can avail the facility of Video KYC without any hassle. It matters a little if you are not skilled at using the internet. Video KYC requires minimal use of the internet among all the KYC processes. Once you join the video, you can take care of the rest. So, next time you are submitting your KYC anywhere, choose the Video KYC solution.

Video KYC FAQs:

1. Which industries are opting for Video KYC solutions in recent times?

Various industries like banks, NBFCs, mutual funds, crypto markets, insurance, and real estate companies are approaching Video KYC solutions to serve their customers. Video KYC benefits both customers and service providers in multiple ways. Like, the customers can join the video call at their convenience while the employees can increase their efficiency as there’s no headache of handling paper documents of the customers.

2. What are the differences between Video KYC and Regular KYC?

Regular KYC includes both online and offline KYC solutions. Video KYC is also an online approach but is different from the usual online KYC. While in the online KYC approach, customers need to submit scanned copies of their ID proofs, Video KYC requires a maximum of five minutes so that you can join the video call and complete the verification process. Video KYC is way safer than the regular KYC.

3. What are some features of a standard Video KYC solution?

If you are a service provider, you must opt for the best Video KYC solution to provide the customers. Otherwise, they may complain about an unsatisfactory experience with your servicing technology. Here are some must-have features for a good Video KYC solution.
1. Cost-effectiveness,
2. Less time requirement,
3. Global coverage providing facility,
4. Low bandwidth connectivity,
5. Omnichannel engagement,
6. High security,
7. Easy to use.

4. Why has Video KYC gained popularity?

In simple words, Video KYC has become popular as it offers numerous advantages to its users. But why did such a process have to be introduced? People were alright with the online KYC. Nevertheless, newer technologies are always welcome in this modern world. Besides being a new approach, Video KYC has a strong security feature that prevents identity frauds like spoof attacks, deep fakes, synthetic identities, etc. And this is what makes it superior to the regular online KYC.

5. Is Video KYC safe?

You may think twice before allowing the web portal to access your camera and location while applying for Video KYC. It is a natural behaviour of people who are conscious of identity fraud. However, the Video KYC process is secured and follows an end to end encryption. Though you need to keep some things in mind at the time of this process
1. Make sure that the link is from an authentic source,
2. Do not provide the video link to anybody else,
3. You may ask the official for his identity to get assured,
4. Feel free to take screenshots during the whole process.

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