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Do not Promote Your Tesla to We Purchase Any Automobile USA

Do not Promote Your Tesla to We Purchase Any Automobile USA


We Buy Any Car USA is a state-side expansion of the British car-buying company that shares that same name and platform. They offer you the opportunity to quickly value your Tesla online and advertise a rapid sale when you bring your car to one of their branch locations.

But is selling your Tesla to WeBuyAnyCarUSA worth it? We probably gave it away with the title of this article, but we don’t think you’d appreciate the deal you’ll get if you sell a used Tesla to this car-buying Jack-of-all-trades.

After all, a Tesla isn’t just “any car.”

Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t sell your used Tesla to We Buy Any Car USA (and what you can do to get top dollar instead):

#1: The Online Valuation Isn’t a Real Estimate

Using the online quote generator is the very first step to selling your used Tesla to We Buy Any Car USA. Their quote generator asks for basic info on your Tesla that results in an estimated value (called a “valuation”) for your car in seconds. Convenient, right?

Unfortunately, like with many other online quote generators, a valuation from We Buy Any Car USA is just an estimate to generate interest. We Buy Any Car USA states specifically in their terms and agreements that the valuation is just “for informational purposes only” and in no way represents any kind of real number that you or they can bargain around.

If the online quote generator has you hoping for a solid idea of what We Buy Any Car pays for a used Tesla, prepare for disappointment. Or rather, prepare for an appointment, because a real quote for your Tesla isn’t going to happen until you’ve invested time setting up a visit to a We Buy Any Car location.

We hate the sales pipeline created by online quote generators that exist only to get your attention. That’s why we created our Instant Cash Offer system: to get you in touch with someone who will give you a meaningful offer for your Tesla. We ask more questions on our online form because we want our dealer partners to provide you with a real offer, not just a teaser to get you to a branch location.

Speaking of location, here’s the next reason we think selling a Tesla to We Buy Any Car is frustrating:

#2: You Have to Take Your Tesla to Their Location

In order to get a real offer for your Tesla, you’ll need to schedule an appointment at a We Buy Any Car USA branch location. They don’t offer mobile services most of the time, so it’s up to you to get your Tesla to the nearest branch for an inspection and a test drive.

Why is this a problem? First, We Buy Any Car USA doesn’t actually have branch locations in most states. Two particularly notable holes in branch coverage are currently Texas and California. You’ll be signing up for a road trip unless you live conveniently near one of their locations.

Second, you’ll be heading to the appointment with only a vague online valuation as proof of what you might be getting into. We’ve already touched on this, but when computer generated quotes turn into actual offers after inspection, they pretty much universally go down. For a Tesla in less than perfect condition, an older Tesla, or a Tesla with extra features, you’ll likely see a significant change from the valuation when you arrive at the We Buy Any Car USA branch location.

With Find My Electric’s Instant Cash Offer system, you don’t need to waste your time traveling on just a “maybe” price. Typically, you won’t even have to travel at all. Our network of dealerships serves the entire US, and most inspections are entirely virtual using video conferencing tech.

#3: Their Online Valuation Doesn’t Account for Your Tesla’s Special Features

The online valuation for your Tesla on WeBuyAnyCarUSA.com only asks for the most basic details like make, model, condition, and mileage. Your Tesla’s software and perks aren’t part of the We Buy Any Car USA valuation criteria, likely because these things don’t matter much to them. As we’ve explained in other blog posts on transferability, this is partly because transferring ownership of Tesla software can be uncertain, and some dealers just don’t want to bother.

Trying to get value for Premium Connectivity on your Model X? Forget it. Got FSD on your Model 3? It probably won’t matter. Unless the dealer you sell your Tesla to knows how much these features are worth to the next buyer, you won’t be getting anything back.

Fortunately, there is a way to get value back for Tesla software and perks. The Instant Cash Offer at Find My Electric puts you in contact with dealers who know whether or not your Tesla’s features are transferable to the next buyer. We vet and verify each dealer in our network, testing their Tesla knowledge before they’re accepted as a dealer partner. When you use Instant Cash Offer, you’ll get your quote from a dealer who isn’t familiar with just any car; they’re used Tesla experts!

#4: Your Tesla’s Aftermarket Mod Values Aren’t Clear

While We Buy Any Car USA states that they are willing to consider that aftermarket modifications to your Tesla could add value, they also state that appearance and performance mods are likely to get your price knocked down from their original valuation. However, they won’t tell you how much your valuation will be affected by mods until you take a trip to one of their branch locations to find out.

Leaving all these pricing details up to their branch managers keeps things interesting (and by interesting, we mean frustrating and inconvenient). Apparently, these branch managers are supposed to be experts not only in “any car” but also in “any mods”. While we’d like to imagine there might be some superhuman car buyers in their ranks (because it sounds like a cool superpower), in reality we don’t think it’s likely that they specialize in Teslas enough to value your Tesla’s mods correctly.

A better alternative for selling a Tesla with mods? Our Teslas-informed dealers have real experience with mods from well-known Tesla aftermarket brands such as TSportline, EVannex, and Unplugged Performance. They actually know what some

If your Tesla has mods, don’t waste time letting the branch managers at We Buy Any Car USA guess at their value. Get a solid offer from the dealership network that has actual Tesla enthusiasts in its ranks.

Find My Electric: Get Top Dollar for Your Tesla

We’ve already talked about our Instant Cash Offer, but there’s another way to sell your Tesla with us, and it’s what we recommend if you really want top dollar for your Tesla.

We designed our site around the best private listing service available to Teslas. And we only provide listings for Teslas, not just any car out there. Your listing won’t have to face off against other car brands or gas guzzlers.

Buyers on Find My Electric search for exactly what you have to offer: a used Tesla. Simple.

From the original Tesla Roadster to the popular Model 3 and Model Y, our listings hail from all over the country from sellers just like you.

Get your listing in front of eager Tesla buyers today, or get in touch with our dealership network through the Instant Cash Offer system.

You might make a different suggestion here, like a performance-based mod. I have no real idea what a valuable one would be.



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