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Tesla Mannequin Y Commonplace Vary with 4680 cells supplied to clients close to Giga Texas

Tesla sent out emails to reservation holders near Giga Texas, giving them the option to change their order to the new Model Y All Wheel Drive. The Model Y AWD variant is the first to feature Tesla’s structural battery pack and 4680 cells. 

Tesla customer @mmsganesh shared a sample of the email reservation holders are receiving from the company. Tesla shared that deliveries for the latest Model Y configuration are weeks away in the email. 

“Select Model Y All-Wheel Drive and experience one of the first vehicles built at Gigafactory Texas—and currently only available in the area,” noted Tesla.

The new Model Y AWD configuration with Tesla’s 4680 battery cells can go up to 279 on a single charge and accelerate 0-60 in 5.0 seconds. The new variant received an EPA approval in March.

According to Tesla’s inventory, the base five-seater Model Y AWD with 19” Gemini Wheels costs $60,990. It comes with a 1-year Premium Connectivity Trial, Supercharger Network Access + Pay-as-you-go, and Autopilot. 

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Tesla Model Y Standard Range with 4680 cells offered to customers near Giga Texas

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