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Tesla FSD Beta V10.12 replace going out to staff: Launch Notes Replace

Tesla FSD Beta V10.12 replace going out to staff: Launch Notes Replace


Update: Release notes for Tesla FSD Beta Update 10.12 have been shared on Twitter. It reveals the extensive work Tesla has done to its self-driving software. The update features a long list of improvements to FSD Beta.

The Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta V10.12 update is now going out to employees as 2022.12.3.10.

According to Teslascope, the release notes for the update have not been released yet. Last week, Elon Musk noted that Tesla FSD Beta 10.12 contains a lot of updates to the self-driving code, meaning there will be a lot of new tendencies and behaviors discovered during testing. Tesla employees will assess the update first before releasing it to customers participating in the FSD Beta program. 

Recently, Tesla increased the maximum speed of Autopilot’s Autosteer feature to 85 mph, hinting at the company’s growing confidence in its self-driving software. It also shows the EV manufacturer’s increasing confidence in Tesla Vision — its camera-based Autopilot system. 

If everything goes well with Update 10.12, Musk predicts that Tesla may lower the required Safety Score to join the Beta Program to 95+. 

“Team is working the weekend to get 10.12 in limited release tomorrow. Then we evaluate, do a point update, and broaden the release. 10.12.2 is probably where we can expand to a safety score of 95+,” Musk said, replying to a question on Twitter.

Decreasing the required Safety Score would inevitably increase the number of users in the program. At the “All in Summit” tech conference earlier this week, Musk said that Tesla aims to expand the FSD Beta pool

Currently, 100,000 Tesla drivers are participating in the Beta Program. Tesla is considering expanding the pool of testers to 1 million by the end of 2022. More drivers in the program means more data for Tesla. More data means Tesla FSD will become more accurate as well as more complex. 

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Tesla FSD Beta V10.12 update going out to employees: Release Notes Update



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