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Shopping for and Proudly owning Mannequin 3, Mannequin S, or Mannequin X

New to the world of Tesla? Hopefully this podcast will help answer all of your questions and inform you with advice for ordering the car, preparing for delivery, taking delivery, and ownership. Here are the topics covered, with the time codes listed in case you’d like to skip to a particular section: 

0:00 – 0. Introduction
5:08 – I. Tesla Car Overview
19:31 – II. Ordering
32:00 – III. Before Delivery
10:10 – IV. Taking Delivery
42:27 – V. Charging and Supercharging
49:33 – VI. Autopilot
57:51 – VII. Maintenance
1:01:24 – VIII. Cleaning and Detailing
1:09:12 – IX. Misc. Tips and Tricks
1:13:29 – X. Future Cars
1:19:23 – XI. Conclusion

If you’re buying any new Model S, Model X, or Model 3 (yes, ANY version of the Model 3 now applies – even the new Mid-Range Model 3!), please use my referral code in order to get 6 months of unlimited Supercharging for your new vehicle!

If you enjoy the podcast and would like to support it, please check out my Patreon at and consider a pledge. Every little bit helps!

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