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Critical frustration with latest updates, options misplaced…

Not sure exactly which recent updates removed all the features, but I’ve been having conversations back and forth with Tesla service people and now someone on their software engineering team. Am I the only one who cares that the rear fan/ climate controls were removed recently? That’s the big one, but some other things are missing/ or non-functional. And then things like my reverse chimes are no longer working. Service did a complete reset/ reload of the software and it fixed nothing. Dashcam intermittently quits working and sometimes a thumb-wheel reset fixes it, but most of the time I have to re-format the flash drive to make ti work. I’ve swapped flash drives a few times, no fixes and I see a number of people online complaining about this. The rear screen fro the climate controls only shows auto of the fan and it’s greyed out so non-selectable or changeable. All we can do is adjust seat heaters. Tired of people in the rear seat asking me to turn up the air and I can’t. WTF…? Even cranking up the fan up front helps little, the rear vents still just do whatever the Auto setting wants them to do and Auto is always weak sauce for some reason and never blows enough air to keep up with our high altitude sun and 80°F+ heat, let alone 90 or 100 degrees coming soon…

Stupid car is also getting mirror positions confused and keeps forgetting my phone for bluetooth/phone/music, but it remembers it as a key. The car was perfect until all these issues started recently. It’s going in for service next week so we’ll see what they say. Two mobile tech visits couldn’t get anything sorted out. I think they’re going to replace the UMC to see if it fixes some of the issues, but I’m guessing all of this is just due to half-baked software updates. The rear fan control seems to be gone for everyone now — except my parents’ Model Y still has it as they have not updated software in a while — intentionally keep it off wifi and advanced updates off after an update last year bricked their car.

Just venting about it all…

This is an early 2020 Model Y, built April 2020 after the factory re-opened from covid shutdown…

Oh, and somewhat unrelated, but I replaced the crappy Goodyear Eagle F1’s on my 20″ Induction wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport AS4’s when I took off my winter wheels this spring. Awesome tires. Tesla should switch to these as their OEM offering.

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