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New model bp pulse house charger assist

New model bp pulse house charger assist



I have just had my bp pulse home charger (oval shaped style) replaced under warranty with the new version bp pulse home charger (grey rectangular unit).

The instructions mention that you can access it via a web portal (but does not state what the URL is for this), via an app (coming soon, this was dated March 2021) and via the chargers webui.

I have been provided with no logon details for either the mysterious URL portal or the webui ( I can access the charger webui via its internal IP address on my network, but requires user and password, which I do not have either) (the installer set up the connection of the charger to my Wi-Fi if anyone asks, but did not share any logon information )

Having been in touch with bp pulse I now have a URL for the web portal. They have no knowledge of the chargers own webui details. They said it will take 7-10 days to register and set up the unit. No date given for an app. Total and utter farce.

So, I am looking to see if anyone else on here has the new style bp pulse charger, and if so, how they access it remotely (or locally).

Thanks in advance




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