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Actually shitty service expertise | Tesla Motors Membership

Actually shitty service expertise | Tesla Motors Membership


Went to use my Model 3’s air conditioning for the first time in April just to find out it didn’t work at all. No big deal, *sugar* happens. Scheduled a service appointment. Soonest appointment was 2 weeks out. A few days before the appointment they did a remote diagnosis and confirmed the evaporator sensor was bad and was always reading -3 Celsius. Cool, they know what the problem is before I even take my car in.

Fast forward to my appointment day. I take off work, drove an hour, then waited 6 hours at the service center just to be told that they didn’t have the sensor in stock and were putting my car back together. WTF??? They didn’t know that until they took everything apart and made me wait for 6 hours?

So they gave me my car back and said they would fix it when the part came in. Fast forward a couple weeks and the part comes in. So I schedule the next available appointment which is 2.5 more weeks away. Drop of my car and the estimate is that the car will be ready next morning.

Next morning comes and goes. No word from the service center. I send a message asking if they have an updated completion estimate and get a snippy reply: “sir, your car is not ready.”

I reply “ok, thank you.”

Another day go by with zero communication from the service team. I ask for an updated estimate for completion and get a reply “Sir, your car is having a technical issue, it has been escalated to a senior technician. We will let you know when it is ready.”

Meanwhile, my Uber vouchers have expired. No loaners available. And they won’t even give me an estimate for when my car will be fixed.

Fast forward a few more days and they finally give me Uber vouchers.

Then after a week of waiting they tell me my car is ready for pickup. When I go to actually use the Uber vouchers (I had already accepted them) to pick up my car it turns out that they show up as invalid…

Long story short, Tesla service’s logistics, communication, and customer considerations was all around piss poor and soured me on the brand a lot.



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