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Auto steer isn’t slowing down in time.. (M3)

Auto steer isn’t slowing down in time.. (M3)


For the most part, the auto steer feature has been amazing. It sometimes gets a bit close to an edge, but overall, solid. But yesterday on the freeway, I had 7 cars lengths as my distance setting, and traffic suddenly cleared up. Once my car was up to 70mph, I noticed the traffic building up again. The car ahead of me had come to almost a full stop. Rather than gradually slowing, my car had to slam on the brakes because it didn’t even attempt to brake until it had gotten probably seven car lengths away. By the time it actually stopped, I was probably one car length away.

Is this how everyone’s car works? It seems like it’s obeying the car lengths rule as a way to determine when it starts to brake, and doesn’t account for the speed of the car. It feels pretty dangerous..



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