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Important apps? | Tesla Motors Membership

Important apps? | Tesla Motors Membership


The tesla app.

Anything else, I personally would suggest you wait to see if you actually want or need the stuff they provide. My personal opinion is, that people who are “data nerds” and who can handle all the additional data that these apps provide (and not get stressed out wondering / worrying about “app X says my car is in the 82nd percentile in degradation, I got a lemon!”) already know who they are, and have researched these apps already,

Note that I am not saying there is anything “wrong” with using these apps (other than ensuring that you have them setup properly so they let your car sleep), just that its my opinion (because I have seen the results here on TMC ad nauseum), that many times, new owners get the car, immediately setup one or more third party apps, then wonder why their car isnt sleeping, or start trying to interpret data from some app that is already interpreting data itself based on the app creators (not teslas) algorithms etc, and gets all wound up.




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