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Okay, some questions after driving for just a few days…

Okay, some questions after driving for just a few days…


If you have not performed a reboot of the Tesla’s computer now would be a good time. While parked, press and hold the left and right scroll wheels for 10 seconds and release. The Tesla Model Y systems will reboot. After a few minutes the Tesla logo will appear and then the standard Tesla screen. This may fix the issue with lane departure warning, other software glitches.

Take the time to read the Tesla Model Y Owner’s manual. There are some important settings that you should activate right away.

Lane Departure Avoidance is designed to warn you if Model Y is drifting out of, or nears the edge of, your driving lane.

Lane Departure Avoidance operates when driving between 40 and 90 mph (64 and 145km/h) on roads with clearly visible lane markings. You can choose if and how you want Lane Departure Warning to operate by touching Controls > Autopilot > Lane Departure Avoidance and selecting between these options:

  • Off: You are not warned of lane departures or potential collisions with a vehicle in an adjacent lane.
  • Warning: If a front wheel passes over a lane marking, the steering wheel vibrates.
  • Assist: Corrective steering is applied to keep Model Y in a safe position if Model Y drifts into an adjacent lane or near the edge of the road.

When Lane Departure Avoidance is enabled and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is active, if Model Y drifts out of the driving lane when the associated turn signal is off, Lane Assist also checks to see whether your hands are on the steering wheel. If hands are not detected, the touchscreen displays a series of alerts, similar to those that are used when driving with Autosteer. If hands are repeatedly not detected Model Y gradually slows down to 15 mph (25 km/h) below the detected speed limit, or below the set cruising speed, and the hazard lights start flashing.

Collision Avoidance Assistance:

Forward Collision Warning – Model Y monitors the area in front of it for the presence of an object such as a vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian. If a collision is considered likely unless you take immediate corrective action, Forward Collision Warning is designed to sound a chime and highlight the vehicle in front of you in red on the touchscreen. If this happens, TAKE IMMEDIATE CORRECTIVE ACTION! Forward Collision Warning operates only when driving between approximately 3 mph (5 km/h) and 90 mph (150 km/h).

(By default, Forward Collision Warning is turned on. To turn it off or adjust its sensitivity, touch Controls > Autopilot > Forward Collision Warning. Instead of the default warning level of Medium, you can turn the warning Off, or you can choose to be warned Late or Early.)

Obstacle-Aware Acceleration – is designed to reduce the impact of a collision by reducing motor torque and in some cases applying the brakes, if Model Y detects an object in its driving path. The touchscreen displays a visual warning and sounds a chime when the brakes are automatically applied. For example, Model Y, while parked in front of a closed garage door with Drive engaged, detects that you have pressed hard on the accelerator pedal. Although Model Y still accelerates and hits the garage door, the reduced torque may result in less damage.

Obstacle-Aware Acceleration is designed to operate only when all of these conditions are simultaneously met:

  • Drive or Reverse is engaged.
  • Model Y is stopped or traveling less than 10 mph (16 km/h).
  • Model Y detects an object in its immediate driving path.

Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual



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