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Submit your Journey trailer that you simply tow together with your Y

Haven’t committed to anything yet but rented this little guy ([email protected] 320s) and took it into the Colorado Mountains.
Going up the range experience was super impacted and the trailer was well under the Max 3,500 lbs. At a full charge, I was running at 25-35% efficiency at max 60 mph (806 Wh/Mi). The worst rung of the trip was 130 mi used to go 35 miles. Again this was also going up ~5k feet in elevation. Coming back down the mountain was in the 508 Wh/Mi which is probably what people in more “Flat” states will see. Tesla had 3 superchargers on the route, so I am pretty sure they knew how much usage there can be. It wasn’t a bad experience, just again need to plan ahead, and know your car vs trusting the trip planner % at arrival. If I had followed that guidance I would be out of juice before getting halfway. Hope this info is helpful. As far as the towing experience, as others have noted, didn’t feel it back there for the most part the Y didn’t ever seem to hesitate ever.

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