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Rear Ended After Putting in Mods

Rear Ended After Putting in Mods


Just wanted to share my experience from this past weekend, unfortunately I was rear ended by a girl in a Jeep not paying attention to traffic at around 30-35mph. Of course the Jeep had a bull bar front bumper and absolutely decimated the rear bumper, trunk lid, and trunk. 😞 The real kicker is that she only had state minimum insurance ($25k coverage) so I’ll need to use my own if it exceeds that, which based on my research it definitely could. They did already assume 100% of the fault for the accident at least.

It is drivable and I’m taking it to a TAB shop on Friday to get an estimate. Any of you think they’ll total it? It’s a 2018 Dual motor with 57k miles. If it isn’t totaled, they said that I could hold onto the car in my garage until the parts come in. I really appreciate that because I don’t want it sitting on their lot for months waiting for repairs, I would rather it be plugged in and somewhat happy at my house in the meantime. I just installed suspension, wheels, and a rear sway bar on the car so the timing of this was impeccable. It was supposed to be getting tinted in less than a week too so I obviously cancelled that appointment. I’m going to fight for reimbursement for the acceleration boost and mods to the car if they total it. I already swapped back to stock aero wheels in preparation for the estimate.

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Here is a pic before I got into the accident

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For now I’m driving around a new Toyota Tacoma as a rental getting a whopping 16mpg on my 70 mile commute to work while she got to drive away with no damage to her vehicle. Anyone have a similar experience?



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