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Supercharger – Jonesboro, AR | Tesla Motors Membership

I have confirmed with a friend who works for O’Reilly Hospitality whom I’ve worked with in the past on a Tesla Project that the new Hotel and Convention Center in Jonesboro, AR is, indeed, planning on having a Supercharger. The hotel is set to open July 2019, so would expect the supercharger would be about the same time. It will be located on the Arkansas State University campus.

For back ground, Tim O’Reilly is a strong environmental advocate, multiple Tesla owner, and directly solicited Tesla to get the Springfield, MO supercharger installed at its current location, a Macadoodles that he owns.

I’ve kept the [Rumor] tag on the thread for now as there is not, to my knowledge, a permit or anything like that yet, but my source is very reliable and spoke directly to Tim, so I feel that the likelihood that this happens is very high.

Groundbreaking Marks Start for Embassy Suites and Red Wolf Convention Center Complex




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