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Tail Mild Retrofit- AMBER flip sign

Tail Mild Retrofit- AMBER flip sign


One thing I’ve always hated about my 3 was how they use the Brake light as the turn signal. I’m a big believer in a dedicated color(amber) for turn signal. Unfortunately a lot of manufactures are going away from that in favor for the brake/turn combo. Maybe it’s cost savings.IDK, but I am out to change that.

I started looking into just purchasing the European model 3 Tail lights which have an amber turn signal factory(its required by law over seas to have a orange signal). The problem I ran into was the US spec cars are programmed to use the brake AS the turn signal. Which means than even if I got a European lamp, i would still need to find a way to change the computer system to flash a dedicated output for the turn signal.

So I purchased a set of stock tail lights and cut them apart. While inside I painted the chrome black which gave i a much cleaner look. Then I retrofitted a 3″ Diode dynamics HD amber LED strip where the OEM reverse was. For the reverse, I retrofitted a 3″ white LED strip right next to it(inner). The wiring was a bit tricky as I had to tap off the 3rd brake light for dedicated “BRAKE” then the front camera side markers for a dedicated “TURN” signal. Overall worked pretty well!


In the trunk, pass side there’s a harness. Blue wire is 3rd brake light which is where I tapped off.


Running the turn wires through the trunk boot. fun stuff


here’s a video showing the functions. They might look dim, but its out in direct sunlight. I assure you they are bright:)
Also you may notice they are hyperflashing because the car isn’t seeing any load(i disconnected the stock brake/turn wire) I left them as is, but if it get annoying I will throw a resistor in there.

Also Decided to do blackout headlight, and AMBER DRL mod






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