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Higher Management Arm Creak Choices

Higher Management Arm Creak Choices


I’d like some help on deciding how to handle the upper control arm creak issue. My car has 40K miles on it. The creak started recently.

It is 4.5 hours to the closest service center.

Mobile service can meet me at a supercharger that is 3 hours away.


1. Live with the creak.
2. Request arm replacement at the SC (if they have the parts)
3. Request a mobile appointment to have them inject grease or reseal it or whatever.
4. Inject some grease myself ( I don’t want to undo the control arm and move it around, an option that reportedly fixes it for a while).

For option 4, can someone tell me exactly where to inject the grease (red or green arrow or elsewhere), which grease, about how much (I’d get a syringe), and the size of the needle. Many thanks!





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