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California Autonomous Car Collision Studies

California Autonomous Car Collision Studies


A Cruise autonomous vehicle (“Cruise AV”) operating in supervised autonomous mode was driving Westbound on Hayes Street between
Lyon Street and Baker Street when a pedestrian ran in front of the AV. The Cruise AV stopped for the pedestrian and, moments later, the
pedestrian began yelling and approaching the Cruise AV. The Cruise AV operator disengaged the Cruise AV from autonomous mode to
leave the scene. The Cruise AV operator drove the vehicle forward and maneuvered away from the pedestrian, but the pedestrian
continued to approach the Cruise AV and jumped onto the hood of the Cruise AV. The pedestrian fell in front of the Cruise AV and
remained there until later fleeing the scene. The injury status of the pedestrian is unknown and a police report was filed.



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