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Formative years inverter failure | Tesla Motors Membership

Formative years inverter failure | Tesla Motors Membership


Just posting in the interest of science here. Had a pleasant service experience for a failure that was obviously inconvenient, but things happen. I expected some early life gremlins when I ordered this thing on battery day.

I got my 2022 (November 2021 build) Plaid S back after a failure of the left rear inverter. 5023 miles at the time of failure. Flawless before that (other than all the usual stuff – wonky cubby light, flickering yoke lights that buzz – none of which I noticed until I read the threads here and checked).

I had taken my dog to the local dog/beer park, and plugged into a ChargePoint charger like I always do (free electricity and free poop scooping with an afternoon beer can’t be beat). When I went to leave, as soon as I started to pull out of my parking spot, I got a warning that my speed was limited to 90mph and to make a service appointment. I stopped, read the message, and figured I could probably make the 4 mile trip home while keeping it under 90. But alas, it was being optimistic, and when I tried to go again, it clunked and told me to pull over safely. Put it in tow mode, pushed it back into the spot, and opened a Roadside case while I waited for my dad to come get his four-legged grandson for an unexpected sleepover. Tow truck arrived pretty promptly, but because it was in a garage, the truck wouldn’t fit – fortunately the charging stalls are right at the entrance, so I ended up pushing the car out onto the street behind the flatbed, got it winched up, and got an Uber home.

First thing Monday morning they texted that they had diagnosed the left rear inverter (which I’ve seen a few people on here post about on their X/S Plaids) and had ordered the part. It ended up taking almost 2 weeks to get the part in and get it fixed, but I had a loaner Model 3 Performance so it wasn’t much of an inconvenience. And they filled my washer fluid and detailed the car, so I had that going for me, which was nice.

Service invoice shows the left rear drive inverter, and removing/replacing the harness. Inverter replacement part was ASY, DRIVE INV, MSX PLAID, 810A, SIC, RR (1079944-05-L), and harness part was CHASSIS HARNESS REAR LEFT HAND PERFORMANCE (1420783-00-D) for what it’s worth.

I did notice that apparently, TeslaFi can still track the vehicle while it’s in service now (or they just forgot to put it in Service Mode? I dunno – My app showed the charge level accurately but wouldn’t let me exit the service appointment screen), and today before giving it back to me, they took it to the same garage and charged it for 30 minutes. I’m guessing maybe they saw something weird in the logs that suggested an issue during the charge before it died but obviously have no idea. I wouldn’t expect any linkage between an AC Level 2 charge and the drive inverter… TeslaFi logs of the charge itself from before the failure looked normal – steady voltage as usual.



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