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Methods to change FWD glass prime

Methods to change FWD glass prime


I felt like contributing to the greater cause as I haven’t seen anyone do a “how to” for replacing the glass top on our Falcon Wing Doors (FWD). I originally tried videoing but really need a 3rd, 4th, or 5th hand so I envy all those YouTubers filming things. At the end I decided to take photos instead.

So some history, I accidentally opened the FWD in a low spot of our garage and unfortunately cracked the glass. Insurance wouldn’t cover it so I just stuck with it for a while as the cost is about $1200. I got tired of looking at the crack every time I got in the car so I ordered a new one on Ebay. I’m not sure where they get “New” ones but it came perfect, with the orangish tint, new seals and foam blocking. Ebay price ranges are dramatical but I got mine for about $700. Do make sure you double check the part number!!!
Anyway, after completing it, it was rather easy to take apart and replace. Everything is either pressure clips, 2 types of torx screws (star pattern, same size but different threading), and 10m hex bolts
20200618_103239.jpg 20200618_103257.jpg

1. need to remove the fabric trims. Just grab it and start pulling firm but gentle. start closest to the door side which is a u-shape and can be removed completely. the next one is the trim around the top glass which is also u-shaped but it does not completely removal, just let it hang.
20200618_103655.jpg 20200618_103732.jpg

2. once those 2 trim pieces are disconnected, you’ll see a white bracket on the lower side. it uses torx bits (not sure the size) to remove. there are two types of torx bits, one with fine threading and other is coarse. the fine threading also has washer so easy to tell the difference and those only run along the top glass inside perimeter. sounds complicated but its not. you’ll also need bit extensions because the coarse thread torx are rather deep.

3. once the white bracket is removed, the two side brackets (black) need to be removed. Note there are wiring harness on each side that you’ll need to unclip. Those two black side brackets use both fine and coarse thread torx to remove.

4. Once those brackets are removed, you’ll need to unclip the last trim piece (wiring run with width). the trim should just hang there so you can see the 10mm bolts beneath.

5. Then go around the and unbolt the 10mm hex bolts. Note the corners get pretty tight so you’ll need an extension.

6. Once all the bolts are removed, the glass comes off in one piece and easy to swap (not heavy). Once swapped out, do everything in reverse and you’re done. A few hints, its best if you have magnetic bits, that helpful as the access are all slight awkward or deep set. Also good to lay towels like I did to make it easier to catch bits and pieces. Then pat yourself on the back as you did a good job and saved a few bucks.

Let me know if anyone needs assistance and good luck!



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