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S/X Palladium Motorized Display Tilt Equipment

S/X Palladium Motorized Display Tilt Equipment


Very early first pass of powered tilt. Final gears will be smoother and quieter.

I’m about halfway through creating a kit for those of us who wish to retrofit tilting capabilities to our Palladium S’s and X’s. This is a result of an intense hunt for motors matching the complete mechanism, and months working with an aerospace gear cutter to create a proper worm drive interface for the tilt mechanism in our cars. But I have a question for you, the community who may be interested in this kit.

What features do you want?

There are four possible options, each of varying complexity and cost. I may offer more than one – and possibly every – option later, but for now I’d like to focus development efforts on a single solution. The feature breakdown, as well as ballpark prices, is as follows:

Mechanical. ~$250. Non-powered. This would be akin to the hand tilt mechanism kits currently offered for 3’s/Y’s. I’m still considering different methods of affixing the screen at the mechanism endpoints in such a way that facilitates easy movement, but stays fixed when the screen is touched, likely using detents or magnets. Would likely only be affixed at mechanism endpoints and center.

Switches. ~$500. Powered, in the same way shown in the video. Discrete switches would be integrated into the small grill panel just below the screen/just above the Qi charging pads. One switch for tilting toward the driver and back, the other for tilting toward the passenger and back. There would be no motor controller other than your finger, so stopping at endpoints and returning to center before changing tilt direction is your responsibility. Screen would stay affixed at any given travel position.

Simple Integration. ~$750. Powered, with the same characteristics as Switches, but direction input is now controlled with Yoke buttons. Which ones, TBD.

Full Integration. ~$1,000. This would theoretically match the feature characteristics as intended by Tesla. Automatic endpoint stops and direction management. Tilt direction automatically determined by seat occupancy as well as Yoke control. Automatic return to center after leaving the car. Will require time for coding the controller and ensuring reliability.

So vote and let me know.

In case anyone asks – OEM reintroduction of screen tilting isn’t looking so hot. I’ve been hunting and collating information on the mechanism for months, and it’s been a complete mess. Some sources say it was withheld due to reliability issues, Elon’s own comments indicate part availability issues. The EPC has been extremely inconsistent this whole time, and just today the tilt mechanism part number was scrubbed from the S/X EPC entirely. Seriously, check for yourself. It was part #6 in the Model S Dash Support Frame parts list but the list now skips from #5 directly to #7.



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