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6 Key Methods to Handle Your Debt? A Information to Monetary Literacy

6 Key Methods to Handle Your Debt? A Information to Monetary Literacy


In our everyday lives, we make certain big-ticket purchases through credit cards or, at times, we resort to a personal loan when our savings seem to be inadequate to meet such expenses. We raise debt from common sources frequently to meet our financial objectives, which is why it can be quoted that debt plays a crucial role in our lives.

It’s not very uncommon in India for people to have multiple debts like personal loans, business loans, credit cards, and more such credit types. However, the silver lining is that debts are good for your financial portfolio if you know and practice some effective debt management tips.

The art of debt management is a crucial life skill. Handling a small single debt isn’t a big deal but as our needs and financial challenges grow and we keep on raising debts from multiple sources, handling multiple debt accounts may seem challenging for some. In such cases, if we don’t keep a check on our debts, they’re bound to flare up and land us in a pile of outstanding payments.

To combat such a situation or to act proactive and never let this happen in the first place, a methodical and organised debt handling plan needs to be devised and implemented to manage debt effectively in 2023. Here are some efficacious debt management tips to have better control over your financial health and not fall into a debt pit:

6 Tips to Manage Your Debt Effortlessly

1. Know Your Debt Well – Awareness is the first step to handle any issue, whether debt or something else. When starting out on your journey to debt management, it’s important to know the kind of debts you owe, the amount outstanding in each one, your lenders, EMIs, rate of interest, and the tenure. There is no ‘one size fits all’ debt management strategy that would work for all debt types. There are some debts that have more serious consequences than others and they should be known in and out.

Make a list of all debt accounts and their details and keep referring to this list periodically to ensure it is being complied with. Since you keep making payments each month, the debt amount would also keep changing. It becomes important to keep this list always handy to update it frequently.

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2. Release Your Debt Payments on Time– If you missed a loan Emi or a credit card payment, it becomes more challenging to pay it off after the due date because a late penalty gets levied on the same. For better personal loan management and credit card handling, you need to be on time with your debt repayments. You can set reminders or electronic clearing mechanisms on your bank accounts for auto-debit when your amount is due. If you still miss the payment, pay it off as soon as you remember rather than waiting till the next payment cycle.

You should know that timely debt payments play the most crucial part in effective debt management strategies. While missing out on a couple of payments may not seem like a big issue to us, it goes on to negatively impact your credit score in the most brutal manner. Always form and maintain this habit of being timely with your debt repayments.

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3. Put a Budget Together & Stick to It – Putting together a solid financial budget is one of the most advised and effective debt management tips to share. The first step in this direction is to have ample perseverance and patience. List your income from all sources on one side and write down expenses (including debt repayments) on the other side. This will give you a clear overview of your monthly financial condition.

Once your income and expenses are identified, you can automatically review and eliminate wasteful expenditures eating up your income. Keeping the amount required for debt repayments aside, prioritise the other expenses like rent, utilities, groceries, kids’ school fees, and more.

The idea behind creating a monthly budget is to inculcate serious financial discipline to either get out of the debt cycle or prevent getting into one. Following the budget over time will also save you money to pay off debts faster by making extra payments.


4. Always Pay the Full Outstanding Amount – Besides paying your debt repayments on time, it is always advisable to pay the complete outstanding amount instead of the minimum amount due. While it may seem tempting to just pay the minimum amount, remember that you’re being levied a hefty interest on the balance amount which means having a more outstanding amount to pay. On the flip side, if you pay the full amount due, you will not be charged any interest.

5. Keep an Emergency Backup Fund at All Times – Life is highly unpredictable; you never know what it might throw at you the next moment. We might need urgent funds at any time for diverse reasons – a medical emergency, kids’ higher education, sudden home repairs, and more. Though it’s easier to dip into savings to meet the financial challenge at hand, it’s wise to resort to a personal loan and keep the savings intact for future use. One should always have an emergency hedge fund to tackle unforeseen events.

6. Consolidate Your Debts into One – If you believe it’s getting overwhelming for you to handle multiple debt accounts, you can easily apply for a personal loan for debt consolidation. A personal loan for debt consolidation benefits you if:

  1. You have multiple debt accounts with different lenders.
  2. You are paying higher amounts towards loan repayments.
  3. You’re having trouble remembering and scheduling multiple debt repayments at different times.

You can easily combine the outstanding amount against each debt account and apply for a debt consolidation loan from a trusted lender like Clix Capital at affordable interest rates and your preferred repayment tenure. This will make it easier to pay off all existing debts and have just one loan account to handle while also saving a considerable amount towards interest.


Features And Benefits of Personal Loans

Easy personal loans are unsecured loans that you can consider taking for your debt consolidation. Some of their features and benefits include:

Ample Loan Amount: Many lenders provide an ample loan amount to consolidate your high-interest loans so that you can pay them off.

Competitive Interest Rates: Many lenders offer personal loans at competitive interest rates due to the increasing popularity of personal loans in India. Find the lowest interest rate loan to consolidate your debts.

Flexible Repayment Tenure: Many lenders offer flexible repayment tenure to make EMI payments easier for the borrowers. When you take a personal loan from Clix Capital, you get 12 to 48 months to repay your loan. You can choose your loan term with EMIs according to your budget and repayment capacity.

Collateral-Free Nature: You can avail of easy personal loans without providing any collateral, security, or guarantor.

Instant Loan Approval: Online application, paperless procedure, no collateral involvement, and online documents verification make personal loan approval procedure extremely fast and streamlined. At Clix Capital, you can get your instant personal loan online within mintues.

Hassle-Free Loan Application: Online loan application procedure is straightforward and fast. Just fill out an online application form, and you can get your loan without visiting the lender even once.

If you are considering consolidating your debts with a personal loan, then Clix Capital can be your best source of finance. We offer easy personal loans of up to ₹ 10 lakhs at competitive interest rates. Apply for our personal loan for debt consolidation and quickly get out of the debt trap to get your finances on track.

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