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Any mud flaps effectiveness or effectivity exams?

I’ve read many threads on the flaps and I am aware that the MY’s rocker areas get a beating from the front tires kicking up road debris. PPF in the area helps and there is no doubt that giant, low and out protruding mud flaps would substantially migite the damage. At the same time, the flaps I’ve seen are designed to be a compromise between aesthetics, fit, and function.

Now then, has anyone done effectiveness tests on any of the available mud flaps (a test like one side with and the other side without) and see how much the limited low and out protruding flaps actually help? I’m sure they help some, but are they worth the [subjectively] affected appearance and potential reduction in efficiency?

And there is the next question–I imagine that there is some aerodynamic drag, so has anyone observed the range effect mud flaps have on the Model Y?

I’m just trying to find out how much they help, how they affect the range, and if they are worth it.





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