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Dumbest Tesla Query Thread | Tesla Motors Membership

I’m sure that all of you, like me, have received a laundry list of dumb questions about your car.
My typical list is:
Can you drive it in the snow? “It’s a 4,000 lb AWD vehicle. What do you think?”
Did you know it can easily catch on fire?
What happens if the starter fails?
What happens if you run out of power?

Today I had a new award winner that takes the cake for me.
I buy 6 pizzas for my guys at work every Thursday. My Aunt works in the office for me. Usually she goes to pick up the pizza but since it was snowing I figured I’d go get it.
Of course she started off with “Oh you can drive it in the snow?'”
When I basically laughed at her about that question she responded with:
“Do Teslas have room in the cabin or the trunk for 6 pizzas?”

I was so stunned by her question that I couldn’t come up with a sarcastic response for ten seconds. In the meantime everyone in the office laughed her out of the room. She walked out in tears but I think it was deserved.

Some of you must have some doozies. Please share!




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